Point of View

October 31, 2011

This site is not turning into a Z. Woolfe fan-page, but for a second post in a row, I feel bound to call your attention to an article of his. This because he has done something I have long yearned to see in reviews. He actually reports on the perspective from the humblest of seats (or, in this case, standing-room), as well as from the Daddy and Mammy Warbucks sector.

The hopes one nurtures for daily criticism may be faint, but they are real so long as such intelligence has a platform.

She Ruled. Still Does.

October 31, 2011

Do I need a special reason to pass on to you this fine interview by the perceptive and articulate Zachary Woolfe with the ever-incomparable Marilyn Horne? No.

A rare chance to hear how it really was.

Hat-tip to La Cieca