Profile TV

BA, Stetson University
MusM, Yale University
PhD, City University of New York
further study in Oxford and Amsterdam

Erwin Bodky Award
Association for Cultural Exchange Fellowship
NDEA Felowship (three years)
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, University of Colorado
First Prize, Faculty Research Award, University of Pittsbugh
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, University of California at Los Angeles
Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow
National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, Yale University

Xavier Montsalvatge: A Musical Life in Eventful Times
Music and Power
(in preparation:) Dynasty: Spain's Twentieth-Century Bourbons

Numerous articles, reviews, and interviews in a large variety of publications

Frequent appearances in broadcast media in Catalonia, including a profile on 
public television (while still living in New York) and many discussions of 
broad social and cultural issues on local and some international broadcasts

Social media:
Facebook: RogerEvans1
Twitter: RogerEvansNY
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People whom I particularly indebted to for my formation, such as it is:

Private instruction in performance:

Paul Jenkins

Richard Rephann

Charles Krigbaum

Gustav Leonhardt

Lenoir Almand

Played in master classes of:

Fenner Douglass

Marie-Claire Alain

Gustav Leonhardt

History, aestherics, or theory:

Gustave Reese

Paul Langston

Robert Fort

Charles Warren

Robert Donnington

Leon Plantiga

Leeman Perkins

Siegmund Levarie

Stoddard Lincoln

Saul Novack

Luther Dittmer

Wiley Hitchcock

Barry S. Brook

Emmanuel Winternitz

John Roberts

Hayden White

Craig Wright

English and comparative literature:

Helaine Newstead

Harry Mooney


Helen Hollis

James Weaver

Cynthia Hoover

John Fesperman

Frank Hubbard

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