All around us, the arts and humanities are being reported as experiencing cutbacks out of all proportion to other sectors of society. Whether or not any, all, or none of these can be justified is a multi-faceted question. But every once in a while an instance sticks out. Considering everything Germany has been through since 1537 when the great Augsburg library collection came into existence, it is quite remarkable that it may be dissolved and dispersed so relatively early in the current economic downturn. This is a collection of unique value for, among other subjects, Renaissance and Baroque music. To have it experience such a scattering of its materials will constitute a humanistic tragedy. An account of what’s happening, in German, English, and Castilian can be found at this link, as well as instructions for writing an e-mail of support. If you are moved to write to authorities, templates are provided for letters that you may send to the Augsburg city government.

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