A Harvard Law School professor argues that remix technology, conventions, and ethics should be taught in school. For one who has read a lot of medieval treatises, as I did in a former life, such new procedures irresistibly recall the way writers quoted “from authority” — i.e., from the ancient and patristic authors — with varying degrees of attribution, paraphrase, and reframing. In fact, many such works were simply centones, potpourris of passages from older authors, often combined to creative and revelatory effect. The same can be true of remix, when done with skill and originality.

Remixes as Social Media

February 10, 2010

Matt Sanchez gives a primer on remix culture, using a TED Talk and video clips of young people who are both relating to their friends and alluding to pre-existing works via mashup. Many older-than-younger people will find this to be eight minutes well spent:

A community can use Mozart for a social-media experience, too:

It’s not quite Zaide, but …

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