With all the talk nowadays — including plenty of polemic — about the pluses and minuses of the digital universe that we are entering (or that swallows us up, in some accounts), we shouldn’t forget about one area in which the results are clearly all gains: the digital exhibition. For libraries, especially, and for some museums, this kind of show is not only adequate but absolutely ideal. Among its many benefits is that it finally reconciles the concerns of the publicist with that of the conservator — nobody is damaging the artefacts by enjoying them. Of course at least the skill of a top museum curator is required for the most excellent of these, and we have a fine example immediately to hand: this site, from the New York Public Library, is worthy of the most concentrated attention.

There’s the added benefit that you can visit it as often as you might wish, and you can do it in any state of dress, while reclining, with a drink at hand!

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