A Blessed Composer: Àngel Rodamilans (1874-1936)

October 20, 2013


When, last Sunday, the Catalan Benedictine Àngel Rodamilans was beatified, it occurred to me to wonder how many (or how few) composers have been honored in that way. The only one I can think of is Hildegard of Bingen. Given the importance that official church documents place on music in the life of the church, we might expect a little more musical presence among the blessed. (There are plenty of saints who made music — like Robert Bellarmine, who played violin and not forgetting the legendary figure of Cecilia, who may or may not have been a musician.)

Twenty-five years ago I heard about Rodamilans and his very cruel martyrdom from two of his pupils (Ireneu Segarra and Gregori Estrada, now deceased), and they gave me an album of his works. Here’s a sample of his style:

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