“A Long and Beautiful Life”: A Leonhardt Tribute by Ton Koopman

March 2, 2012


The Tijdschrift Oude Muziek (Early Music Journal) has printed a tribute from the well-known former student of Gustav Leonhard. Many thanks to Semibrevity, who has made and notified me of his English translation.

At this link there is a video from another Bach cantata conducted by the late master (to supplement this complete one that we’ve posted before), the audio of a complete Purcell Ode on St. Cecelia’s Day, as well as a rare 1959 Bach harpsichord performance from a radio broadcast and a 1965 Amsterdam Waalsekerk (Waldensian Church) organ recital performance. All these are provided by Radio 4 in the Netherlands.

One Response to ““A Long and Beautiful Life”: A Leonhardt Tribute by Ton Koopman”

  1. A fine tribute indeed. The point about lightly quilled harpsichords is good to read. I always knew his recordings were less aggressive than others I had and the steel frame Neupert we had at church.

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