Mission Accomplished

July 11, 2011

Having heartily recommended the delights of Caramoor last week, I thought it meet and right to report on my trip thither for the first of two William Tell performances. First, the ambience, which unsurprisingly gave glimpses of the highest earthly felicity in the form of all sorts of people peacefully assembled, in groups and couples, over leisurely picnics. There were hundreds of them in all the kinds of settings that the estate affords.

There follows an album of a variety of views of the “delightful pleasant groves”:

So, I’m walking along and see a stray music stand and wondered about it:

On closer examination …

… it emerged that “offstage” would be really offstage:

And the effect was … effective.

For my reaction to the rest of the wonderful evening, I can do no better than second the summary by James Jorden in the New York Post. There is to be another performance on Friday evening (and I emphatically recommend Philip Gossett‘s talk about the opera beforehand; he knows it all).

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