Not Everyone Can Be Conrad or Nobokov

April 4, 2010

I had just finished reading this interesting article on the problems that foreign journalism students have in writing in a second language, if that language is English, when a friend pointed out to me a paragraph that he found charming. It is the mission statement of the classical-music service of Radio France online:

Without adhering systematically to the demagogic formula: ” the public is right always “, it is necessary for us well to agree that it is not always wrong: to hold account of its observations is least things on behalf of a radio of ” public ” service.Consequently, with two additional concerts diffused during the weekend, there are four hours more suggested to our listeners who will find – in addition – the appointments which them ” fidélisent ” throughout the week: this alternation of comments of sensitizing and information.The ” plural ” spirit of France Musiques will continue to appear by the opening of the chain to all the forms of expression: traditional musics, original film tapes, jazz, contemporary creations,etc.

Since it is difficult to believe that a passage like that sprang forth from any human head, I assumed that it came from an automated online translator. So I fed it back into the Goggle translation machine. This is the result, which some will find entertaining:

Sans adhérer systématiquement à la formule démagogique: «le public a toujours raison», il est nécessaire que nous sommes bien d’accord que ce n’est pas toujours tort: pour tenir compte de ses observations au moins les choses au nom d’une radio de “public service” . Par conséquent, avec deux concerts supplémentaires diffusés pendant le week-end, il ya quatre heures de plus proposé à nos auditeurs qui se trouve – en plus – le rendez-vous qui les “fidélisent” tout au long de la semaine: cette alternance de commentaires de sensibilisation et de information.The ” pluriel de «l’esprit de la France Musiques continuera à comparaître par l’ouverture de la chaîne à toutes les formes d’expression: musiques traditionnelles, des bandes originales de films, jazz, créations contemporaines, etc.

Tip of the hat to Jonathan Mortimer

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