Rejection: It Happens to Everybody

February 4, 2010

Once Samuel Goldwyn tried to get George Bernard Shaw to sell him the movie rights to some of his work. After much discussion, they never came to an agreement: “The trouble is, Mr. Goldwyn,” declared Shaw, “you are interested only in art and I am interested only in money.”

In a week in which the Grammies have been awarded and the Oscar nominations announced, I have come upon this account of a dramatic rejection of a finished film score by John Corigliano (who has had a nice haul of both awards). It’s a pleasure to see him adopt exactly the right attitude about having had his work replaced for the new Mel Gibson thriller The Edge of Darkness. He seems to have kept art and commerce in perfect balance. Now can we hope for the release of a CD presenting Corigliano’s score, which had already been recorded under Leonard Slatkin?

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