Who Blogs?

June 6, 2009

images I’m a fan of Richard Florida, not just for his ideas but for the ideas of other people that he leads me to. In his brief discussion of the blogger’s personality, he cites an article on creativity that I wish I had read decades ago. Why? Because it explains myself to me in terms that I have never before understood as well as its researcher does. I have a feeling that at least some others who visit here may have a similar experience.

Years ago when I was required to take the Myers-Briggs test, the professionals who gave me my interpretive interview were emphatic that my results were psychologically impossible. On every single trait that the test proposes to illuminate, I scored almost exactly (and in two instances exactly) in the middle. I was told that this was impossible.

Parents and educators might do well to read the Psychology Today article linked above when they find they have one of those puzzling, hard-to-classify kids on their hands.

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