Who Knew?

June 4, 2009

Office choirOffice choirs? The Guardian writes about them as though they are an everyday thing. Is this a trend I’ve been missing?

3 Responses to “Who Knew?”

  1. hetherwick said

    Top Ten Reasons Why Music Labels Couldn’t have Office Choirs…..

    (10) Harmony? At a music label?

    (9) There aren’t enough pieces written for choirs in minor keys….

    (8) The budget would only allow for three full time singers, two part timers, and thirteen temps…..

    (7) To many people skipping rehearsals to cruise web sites looking for horizontal career shifts….

    (6) To much emphasis would be placed on finding one HUGE piece of music to get them through the year….

    (5) To much emphasis on minimalist composers due to years of writing similar marketing plans….

    (4) No one could find the rehearsal space through the maze of empty office cubicles…..

    (3) Site reading? At a label?

    (2) Printed sheet music would prove far to expensive after being provided by in-house “creative” departments charging each other in a circular firing squad of “three card monte” internal accounting

    (1) By the time they got to the end of a piece the choir leader would have gone to another label….

  2. rogerevans said

    Always a privilege to hear from a real expert!

  3. rogerevans said

    An editor at a major New York book-publishing house told me last evening that his company and another publisher in New York had, in recent years, choruses within the company. The reason that they no longer exist has to do with the loss of the employees who made them happen — through some of the sorts of contretemps that Mr. Hetherwick refers to above.

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