And the Livin’ is Easy, River to River

July 5, 2008

One of the boons of New York summers is the explosion of free music — much of it outdoors. But a classical series that starts on Monday combines the casualness of summer with the comfort of an indoor venue for appealing artists whom we may not have encountered before. And did I mention the price of tickets?

We owe these concerts to the River to River Festival, Pace University, and Classical Action (which has been lauded here before).

The first concert in the Summer Stars Classical Music Series will be given by rising young clarinetist José Franch-Ballester. Here’s the link to the whole classical series, which I’m looking forward to visiting as much as possible. But there are many other riches of all kinds on the calendar, so it’s a good chance to broaden horizons — from river to river, in fact.

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  1. […] given by a remarkable young clarinet-piano duo, José Franch-Ballester and Anna Polonsky. When I mentioned that series here before, it was without any suspicion of what a high experience that first evening would represent, or […]

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